Wednesday, June 22, 2022

She Was Pretty Drama in Malaysia Version Launch in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

That was a great experience that I got a chance involved in this launching event!
This is my first overseas event while Singapore Malaysia border re-open after the covid pandemic!

That was real cool I can do my silhouette cutting for the main actors and actresses for this event ;p

Some of my works for the guesses

The original writer and the producer all the way from Korea was on the stage! 

The event venue before actual day and the event day ;p

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Is A Mask

Time fly like an arrow, we did not expect the world to have such big changes, the coronavirus had caused all of us to wear a mask whenever we going out to prevent getting an infection.

All of us were hard to breathe, by wearing a mask, as well as many industries.
The entertainment industry had shut down until the authority announces our life back to normal then it can be open again, though it takes many months or a year...

I am here to wish this disaster getting over as soon as possible and wish everyone to stay healthy and be positive to live in this world.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Silhouette Cutting for Tang's Chinese New Year fringe activities

I had done silhouette cut for Chinese New Year fridge activities at Orchard and Vivocity last month, the backdrop paper of the artwork was provided by the client.

As per 40 cutting per hour, for the 4 hours event on each day, I managed pulled the crowd by completed about 120 plus pcs portrait silhouette. I would say any artist in Singapore doing silhouette cutting should be easily done their work at such speed else they are cheating the client.

All silhouette artist sure can do 2 in 1 couple cutting like this:

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Event at Plaza Singapura

Under event company's arrangement, I did 3 days roving silhouette cutting at Plaza Singapura which organised by SNEC, super great that I got a chance to do a silhouette for Guest-of-Honour President Halimah Yacob!

The President asked my to show her how I did it, so I do another silhouette cutting from one of the guest to show the process ;p  I would like to thanks one of the guest Mr Lim and many other guests took many photos of me at work and sent to me as well ;p

The cutting paper provided by organizers which is a sticker, so the artwork will paste on the board as they arranged.

There are some other fringe activities in the event as well. 

Monday, September 23, 2019

Beware of Someone say I am his "Mentor" or "Decipher"

I can't stop anyone who make use of my name by saying he is my "Decipher" or I am his "Mentor", he just made use of my name to get the deal, his cheap rate already showed he is a cheater, beware!

I work alone or work under event company by contract basis, NEVER been anyone's Mentor or have any freaking creepy "Decipher".

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Just some artworks recently

I always demand my silhouette cutting as detail as possible and as realistic as possible because the impact view depends on the accuracy of the artwork that compares with the real person's side view.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Silhouette Cutting for Mother's Day Event

Did roving silhouette cutting for Mother's Day event today at Marine Parade event and great to meet many friendly residence at this area ;p

I always feel great to meet old friends in the same event ;p

Edmund Khong doing his magic performance

Joseph Then Puppet Show

Khairi team doing his Singing performance! He can sing in many difference language songs!

As my usual principle: Whenever I do the show, I will try my best, deliver my b est to the guests.
I demand my work as close as possible, as accurate and realistic as possible because Silhouette cutting is a real skill required work, never claim that there are caricature like output, it demand strictly details and look alike output of artwork; not sort of job that you dare to do it, you have a pair of nice scissors you claim yourself an expert, holding a professional expensive camera to claim yourself a good cameramen, sit on the director chair and you think can lead the company stuffs.

Unfortunately, there are too many fake artists in the industry.

Some of my works ;p

She Was Pretty Drama in Malaysia Version Launch in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

That was a great experience that I got a chance involved in this launching event! This is my first overseas event while Singapore Malaysia b...