Thursday, June 18, 2009

Silhouette Cutting At the Beach

Just did an event at Rasa Sentosa Resort at the beach site. That always a great feeling each time I went Rasa Sentosa Resort.Rasa Sentosa Resort.One of the ‘guest’.Night scene of the event venue.Vivo City.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Couple and Group Silhouette Cutting

Most of the time I only do single portrait silhouette cutting which cut one person at a time during events. I seldom couple or group silhouette cutting because it will take longer time to produce such artwork especially during the limited booking hours. Usually, if it is a wedding event, I only do for the wedding bridal and broom, the rest of the guests will only get my single portrait silhouette done.Single portrait silhouette cutting is much easier than couple or group silhouette cutting, because producing 2 or more portrait profiles on the same piece of paper need to control the scale carefully, you also need to know whose profile to be produce first.Just like drawing the real portrait, all the face in the drawing must be logically event, if one head moch bigger than the others in the drawing, that will looks strange.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Profile Cutting at Downtown East

Just did profile cutting at downtown east last week. The place was crowded with people.There are having acrobatics show in this event.Everyone like to see acrobatic shows.My breakfast: Tandoori Chicken meal at Subway.