Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Alliance World Resort Dinner

Did Silhouette cutting at Ritz Carlton Hotel Singapore. The great thing was I was able to do my silhouette cutting in a freedom way, which doing in a roving style.

As an roving artist, you must work hard and work properly, you not allow to do anything wrong or try to work slowly or try to hide yourself during your working hour because client and the organizer always watching you to ensure quality and quantity.Snake Chamer Yussof was in the event!

MDIS Event

Did Silhouette Cutting for an event at Orchard Hotel Singapore. That was great to meet many nice and well educated guests. I was doing roving Silhouette Cutting in the event, I managed to handle it because it happened that there was a wedding dinner at the next ballroom and all the guests was came almost at the same time!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Chinese Paper Cutting

Engaged by an event company doing Chinese Paper Cutting in a shopping Centre.May Toh was doing Chinese Dough Figurine demo in the event; that was very happy that met friends that I know in the event.“Tin tin candy” making; is one of the common Chinese tidbits other than ‘Dragon Bead Candy’ etc.Did some ‘silhouette cutting + Chinese Paper Cutting’ for the guests.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Event at Singapore Polytechnic

Went Singapore Polytechnic for a silhouette cutting, met many great and nice people today.
Jonie Tan the wire craft artist in the event.Singapore best rainbow calligraphy artist Dorby Yip was in the event, I like his calligraphy because his calligraphy was unique and quality, hence so many local China fake rainbow artists trying their best to copy their style.All the beautiful ladies and hunk was came to me! Don't play play! Hia hia hia!Ouchi! Still having lots tough Chinese paper cutting to be preparing at home! That’s is an entertainer’s life, many backstage work have to be done. Haahaa!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Silhouette Cutting for New Year Eve

Completed a silhouette cutting service for a pre-event at Grand Corpthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore for Temasek Club’s Dinner and Dance. That was great to do silhouette cutting in a roving method.
There did not have any secret from me, just see and cut. Hee hee!Ivan and Lee Lee’s stylo airbrush tattoo services also in the event!Beautiful nail art and hair spray artists!

Event at Foodfare Kallang Wave

Did silhouette cutting for an event weeks ago, the venue is Kallang Wave which near Stadium MRT. Some of the works. I seldom do cou...