Monday, January 12, 2009

Chinese Paper Cutting

Engaged by an event company doing Chinese Paper Cutting in a shopping Centre.May Toh was doing Chinese Dough Figurine demo in the event; that was very happy that met friends that I know in the event.“Tin tin candy” making; is one of the common Chinese tidbits other than ‘Dragon Bead Candy’ etc.Did some ‘silhouette cutting + Chinese Paper Cutting’ for the guests.

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Sarah 'The Face oF Visage' said...


Great work.

I am a silhouette artist too I am based in London, England. It is great to others keeping this rare art a live. I also have a blog on blogspot at:
It will be great to hear from you or anyone who is interested in the art of silhouettes. I am compiling a list of silhouette artists around the world and will definately list you on mine.

Sarah Goddard - Silhouette artist

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