Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Silhouette Cutting at Night Festival 2010

That was great to do silhouette cutting with William at Peranakan Museum last week. Wh had use colorful paper to do the cutting in this event.Katherine was doing her bodyart in this event as well!This Malay band group was real talented, everyone love theit performance.I like the malay song "Rasa Sayang" and "Burung Kaka Tus" very much, because they sang it in a very stylo and different way! Thougt they had attracted lots tourists as well!Met a lot of beautiful and stylo visitors in the event.One of the activities -- Graffiti painting.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Silhouette Cutting at Pasir Ris Park

Did an event yesterday and met many entertainer friends I know! Yeah!
The event i did was a Taiwanese group's family day, hence i met many Taiwanese guests. That was great to work on this event because all the guests was very nice and friendly.
One of my very beautiful guest! She got beautiful hair as well, and her hair look like the Taiwanese computer games beauty! Heehee!Iron Will's "Escape Show" was super cool!Jeremy Tan was performing in the event!Look! What I holding? Hiak Hiak!Chuan having a booth in this event as well.Did a silhouette cutting for Iron Will! heehee!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Quality and Quantity of the Silhouette Cutting for Event's Booking

As a professional Portrait Silhouette Artist, a silhouette to be produce is usually done within a minute in a A6 paper (a quarter size of A4, or it look similar to our palm size), plus the time we put the artworks to the standard plastic bag with the background, it will be average 40 pieces artwork can be produced within an hour's booking.

Any artist who only produce 7 pieces silhouette cutting or much lesser than at least 30 pieces cutting within an hour's event booking in a big crowd's event, that mean they are fake artist or either purposely do it super slow to kill the booking time.This quantity standard, not set by me, is the feedback from many guests and clients that having such demand.

Due to people traveled to many countries easily nowadays, there are more and more people know how to judge our artworks.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Event at Asian Civilisation Museum

Did silhouette cutting at Asian Civilisation Museum's Night Festival.
Prepared colorful cutting paper as per requested by client.Some of my decoration.One of my most stylo guess in the event ;pKatherine Mah was in the event as well!Her artwork was real cool and real nice!My dinner of the day -- Spaghetti with tomato sauces.

Event at Foodfare Kallang Wave

Did silhouette cutting for an event weeks ago, the venue is Kallang Wave which near Stadium MRT. Some of the works. I seldom do cou...