Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Event at Plaza Singapura

Under event company's arrangement, I did 3 days roving silhouette cutting at Plaza Singapura which organised by SNEC, super great that I got a chance to do a silhouette for Guest-of-Honour President Halimah Yacob!

The President asked my to show her how I did it, so I do another silhouette cutting from one of the guest to show the process ;p  I would like to thanks one of the guest Mr Lim and many other guests took many photos of me at work and sent to me as well ;p

The cutting paper provided by organizers which is a sticker, so the artwork will paste on the board as they arranged.

There are some other fringe activities in the event as well. 

Monday, September 23, 2019

Beware of Someone say I am his "Mentor" or "Decipher"

I can't stop anyone who make use of my name by saying he is my "Decipher" or I am his "Mentor", he just made use of my name to get the deal, his cheap rate already showed he is a cheater, beware!

I work alone or work under event company by contract basis, NEVER been anyone's Mentor or have any freaking creepy "Decipher".

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Just some artworks recently

I always demand my silhouette cutting as detail as possible and as realistic as possible because the impact view depends on the accuracy of the artwork that compares with the real person's side view.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Silhouette Cutting for Mother's Day Event

Did roving silhouette cutting for Mother's Day event today at Marine Parade event and great to meet many friendly residence at this area ;p

I always feel great to meet old friends in the same event ;p

Edmund Khong doing his magic performance

Joseph Then Puppet Show

Khairi team doing his Singing performance! He can sing in many difference language songs!

As my usual principle: Whenever I do the show, I will try my best, deliver my b est to the guests.
I demand my work as close as possible, as accurate and realistic as possible because Silhouette cutting is a real skill required work, never claim that there are caricature like output, it demand strictly details and look alike output of artwork; not sort of job that you dare to do it, you have a pair of nice scissors you claim yourself an expert, holding a professional expensive camera to claim yourself a good cameramen, sit on the director chair and you think can lead the company stuffs.

Unfortunately, there are too many fake artists in the industry.

Some of my works ;p

Monday, April 29, 2019

Silhouette Cutting at Penang, Malaysia 5 Apr 2019

That was a great experience to have a chance doing my silhouette cutting at Penang, Malaysia at Lexis Hotel on early of April.

It was my second time to Penang after my secondary school holiday till now, in my age of 50! Haahaa!

I not a travel enthusiast but my event booking made me travel ;p

I found many delicious food in Penang and I really enjoy it!

Had dine in this "The Little Chef " western food restaurant which near the Olive Tree Hotel I checked in, the food was amazing!

2 Nice view from roof top of Lexis Hotel Penang, my event venue.

Another nice food I had, at the restaurant at The Promenade condo, which is Ah-Ma Panmee Restaurant.

I like the poster on the wall. The text "店有雅号,客人自到", means if the shop had a reputation, the customer will come automatically"!

Yes! If you tried your best to provide good product, your customer will come to look for your instead you go to look for them ;p

Another poster on the wall I like! "Servedwithlove"
If the food you cook with your true effort will surely produce in the best quality!

That was what I talking about!
Each of my show, I will try to deliver my best, my work from my true heart!

Found this condo's design was very interesting!

Monday, February 25, 2019

Chinese New Year Silhouette Cutting

Did Silhouette Cutting for SUSS Chinese New Year event, great to met nice guests in the event ;p

Some interesting silhouette outcome with the shape of  hair and clothes

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 16Dec 2018

I felt blessed that had a change to do my silhouette cutting at Phnom Penh Cambodia, the capital of this country.
That was super cool met many famous celebrities in the event ;p

Great to take photo with famous star Shin Yubin
Photo with Famous Star Pich Salika
Photo with Famous Star Hay Paohong

The event started at 5pm and about 10pm plus, this event was open for public; that was great that the guests of the event was overwhelm! After counted my my left over cutting paper and deduct those redo pieces, my conclusion: I had produced about 260 of A6 size cutting with 5 hours with Miss Somali's help to paste the artwork on client's printer card ;p

Event at Plaza Singapura

Under event company's arrangement, I did 3 days roving silhouette cutting at Plaza Singapura which organised by SNEC, super great that I...