Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Event at Bangkok

That was very cool I got a change do my Silhouette Cutting at Bangkok, Thailand!This is my very first time doing event at Bangkok; I had gain many new experiences doing event down here and met many new friends in this event!
Photo with some dancers.Bangkok is a very interesting and special place.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Quantity of Silhouette Cutting within an Hour's Event booking

As a professional Silhouette Cutting, I would say, in an hour's booking we can be produce average about 40 pieces of silhouettes which as large as our palm size.

Basically, a standard palm size portrait silhouette can produce within a minutes, meanwhile, exclude the time taken for us to put the artwork in plastic bag and the time spend in guiding the guest to pose correctly.

I don's see any reason for a silhouette artist require more than a minutes to produce a standard palm size non complex shape portrait silhouette.

Those who produce less than 30 pieces silhouette in an hour's event booking, they either apprentice or they are taking it for granted to do it slowly to kill the booking time and try to earn easy money.

Singapore is a branded world class great country, hence, as a professional, we should always maintain our high standard for our artwork, both quality and quantity.

How long do you need to produce a cutting in this shape, which in a mobile phone size?

Event at Foodfare Kallang Wave

Did silhouette cutting for an event weeks ago, the venue is Kallang Wave which near Stadium MRT. Some of the works. I seldom do cou...