Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Scene in MRT Train

I was taking the MRT train back home yesterday about 5p.m. the train was a bit crowded. I usually stand inside the train and read my book during the travel. I realized that’s a men about 30+ old, standing in the train as well, reading newspaper, he is about 2 meters from my view and I found his face shape is a little different, which is having almost no chin from his side view. According Chinese face reading rules, those people without chin or having bad chins, they will be very poor in their retired age. I looks at his face, he looks friendly and nice person, do not understand why having such bad face shape.At this moment, the train reached Novena station, there was a pregnant lady step in the train, which having a big stomach and looks like almost wanted to give birth. She looks around, nobody willing to give a seat to her! These is very common thing that happen in Singapore’s train, after the government put in lots effort to educate the public, seems not workable.

I saw the mentioned “no chin men” realized this pregnant lady standing in the train, he quickly ask the men who sitting on the “special seat” to give the seat to that pregnant lady! Wow! He is a real nice guy!

Now I observe again on his face, ah! I discovered that below his jaw, near the upper neck part having a little bit “baby fat” meat, which we called “double chin”.According Chinese face reading rules, those people’s face shape without chin, but having “baby fat meat” at their upper neck, will be represent luck and wealth still follow them. I thing this men must be always do good things so his face shape changed gradually to a better luck side.

Of course, his “baby fat meat” had been grow gradually within long time, not after he help this pregnant lady ask for a seat. Lol!

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