Thursday, June 5, 2008

Long and short forehead

During my face reading session in the event, one of common question was: “Do I having a big success in my career?” In Chinese face reading, from the basic stage, the higher of the forehead (which the starting point of your hair grows), and the smarter you are. How well grow of your forehead, represent how well your knowledge, studies, educations, and how famous you are. People who having long forehead, usually more analytic, could be more open-minded; or course it still need to compare with other portion of their face like whether the eyes spiritual is good or not and etc....The example of long forehead was Mr.Bill Gate, Hong Kong richest man Mr.Lee Kah Seng…agent Smith which in “The Matrix” movie.

Short forehead, based on theory, was much more struggling live then people having long forehead. Either the fore head too short, or either the starting point of the hair grow too low, it reduced the basic luck in their earlier age from age 14-30. These group of people was more conservative, might be practical, stubborn, unable to accept new idea fast, hence their career development was much slower then other range of people. By theory, longer or high fore head is much desirable, it represent they are getting success earlier. Low or short forehead as long as not too short or too low, if they having good eyes spiritual, they could be getting succeed in their career.

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