Monday, August 18, 2008

Silhouette for event in costume

That was great that did an event in costume. This was my first time doing silhouette cutting in such costume.Picture taken with a mingling model in costume, one of my “colleagues”Just having some fun before show start.


jpky2727 said...

fUNNy pictures, heheeee!! And nice costume!!! ^.^

belinha said...

Hello there!VERY nice to meet you!I saw your comment on ARTNACK and followed you here.I love what you do,silhouette art.I also like to cut paper.I have collages I make with cut paper from fashion magazines in the other blog.I once met a man that makes silhouttes in wire.I have my profile in wire!He does it in one minute.It's almost unreal.He lives in a roulotte.I think he should be given a palace.The man is awome artist.Thank you for your nice review!

Hermes said...

hey,thanks for dropping by,you are in Singapore,i know it's really a beautiful country,it's already on our list (-: