Friday, December 26, 2008

Chinese Paper Cutting

Time flies as arrow, after 25th Dec Christmas Day, I believe many shopping centre and the related media and the related mass communication parties will be rushing to change the decorations and related stuffs into Chinese New Year theme.

Due so some Chinese New year theme booking, other than fortune telling I was busying preparing the traditional Chinese Paper Cutting for the Chinese New Year events.

Chinese Paper Cutting is an unique art during Chinese new year just like the Chinese calligraphy, lion dance and etc to represent the happiness and prosperities and lucks of the coming new years.

As what we know, to produce a Chinese paper cut, after drafted out the design, it should be purely only using scissors top cut it out, but in my experiences and researches, most of the detail portion of the cutting should be produced by the cutting instead of using scissors; especially those small pieces of paper cutting. Because those tiny portions were not possible to provide enough spaced for the scissors itself to poke in the paper to cut it out!
Of course, that should be some expert in China still can be purely using scissors to produce the traditional Chinese paper cutting.

If you take a look of the Chinese paper cutting whose selling in the shop or exhibition, you will realized that almost all of them was produced in a 100% perfect cut, please look carefully, such 100% perfect cutting Chinese paper cutting was produced by machine!


Toyi's Photo said...

great motive...can u design me 1 for my new tattoo...? free ya...

Irene said...

wow! Very nice cuttings!

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