Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Event in Asian Civilisation Museum

That was great that I had a chance involved in this very high class private event today. I met Mr Yong, one of Singapore’s famous Chinese Calligrapher. Tonight Mr Yong Cheong Thye ( was in-charge Chinese Calligrapher writing on Chinese Fans; if I am not wrong, Mr Yong and one of the Hong Kong Chinese Calligrapher Mr Yip are the only artists who able to provide Chinese Fans in the events market, if you see some artists doing Chinese Calligraphy on Chinese Fans, which means high chances the Chinese Fans was provided by the event companies. That was surprise to see Raju the Kacang Putin Man and The Tarik Man doing Parrot Fortune Telling in the event!Just self photo taking.The function room was serious decorated carefully!Many unique and nice props!

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