Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Further Detail Cutting

The traditional silhouette cutting is mainly cut the shape of the portrait of the guest, I think if we cut more detail on it, which will be more belonging to paper art area.

Silhouette cutting can be seen it as sort of black and white graphic, but if we do it for performance purpose, professional speaking, we should do it within a minutes; hence within an hour’s event booking, we should be able to produce 35-45 pieces (including put in the plastic bag for the guests.

Down here, I just try to explore further cut in details for the silhouette art works.To do a silhouette for more detail, seems it need more time to decide what type of cutting you are going to do, I talking about just observe and cut in the further detail without and hand drawn steps; that seems need a lot of research, experiments and practices.How to do a silhouette cutting with more details in a shortest timing yet it still looks good, that is the challenge.

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