Friday, April 2, 2010

The Standard of Silhouette Art in Singapore

Silhouette art is about the side profile or shadow of a person, animal or objects.

In my research, experiences and my view, a standard portrait silhouette which in A5 size (about 210mm x 150mm) or A6 size (about 150mm x 105mm) should be produced within a minutes unless the side profile of the guest was really complex, hence, a real silhouette artist should be able to produce 35-50 pieces cutting within an hour during the event whether they are do it in a stationary way or roving way.

If any artist you that came across only able to produced less than 35 pieces silhouette cutting within an hour’s booking (for your majority normal hair style guests), that means he or she is an in experienced new comer.
I did came across few artist that only able to produce 7 pieces cutting within an hour’s booking, even thought they had been in the event line more than 4 years, unfortunately in my view they are cheating the public, they are cheating the event companies, they spoiling this name of the world classed country.

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