Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Entertaining of Silhouette Cutting

After 10 years doing silhouette cutting, I found that, doing silhouette cutting is like doing stage performance, but this stage are really small just withing 1 meter - 2 meters area that surrounding you.Why I say like that? Look, since we had surrounding by the crowd, then we have to do our best. Do you realized the attractive of this art was we can just cut out a guest's side profile without drawing and everyone was was keen to know why we can do it without pre-draw the guest's side profile but just cut out a very look alike portrait silhouette, technically, skill involved actually.

Since such interest curiousness from the crowd, as a silhouette artist, in my view, we should make it as a performance to increase the entertaining level while we at work, just like a magician, like a dancer, like a singer that impress our guests.

"I am not the best, but I always try my best", this is my concept while I at work, it always help my maintain my artistic level and quality of my work in certain standard.

We should always in the right mood, enthusiastic attitude and right (or high) morale while we at work, hence we sure can produce nice and professional artworks.

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