Sunday, October 2, 2011

Extreme "Roving" Job!

The was great I involved in the SMRT Circle Line Pre-Opening Event. I was in-charge Silhouette Cutting (or Shadow Cutting) for the public who that a free rise today.I had been arranged to do my roving silhouette cutting at 9 different MRT stations in the indicated time frame, that means I have to do my "Roving" services within 9 different places for my roving silhouette cutting for the public in this event. The was fun and my first time doing such "roving" job. haahaa!There are musician performing in the MRT train while I traveling to one of the station.Kamal Dollah was doing caricature in the event as well.Why don't have my face? It won't happen, because I am just a small fly and I am happily enjoying as a small fly who making fun for the event ;pThere were many other activities in this event, I just try my best to take some photos while i traveling.

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