Friday, November 14, 2014

Silhouette Cutting for Private Event

Did silhouette cutting at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a private event weeks ago.That was a great experience.
There was a great singer in the event with live music.

One of my work.
Before the evening event, I found this Indian restaurant named Ali Maju Cafe nearby and decided to have a! The nasi bryani was real delicious! No wonder so many people in the restaurant.
Their system like: you just go to any stall you like (like coffee shop in Singapore), after order your food, the person in-charge will give you a slip paper with a hand writing note that indicate your food, you need to keep this small paper for paying purpose at the cashier after completed your makan.
Just choose a free seating place,and then the rest of the staffs will come an ask if you wan a drink, and then he will key in to he ipad/samsung galaxy! and charge to your "account, so the cashier will know what drink your ordered when the time you pay! Power!

I just tabao (take away)this Nan set back to my hotel, nice food as well!

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