Monday, May 15, 2017

My Silhouette Cutting

Just did an event for product launch last week and great I got a chance to do for Chanel's event again ;p
In my experiences, a product launch event, the size of the guests could be from 20 guests and it could be up to hundreds of guests.

As an entertainer, you have to apply your skill to entertain the guests well and as a professional silhouette artist, I will try my best to entertain as many guests as possible within the booking hours.

Within an hour, I am able to produce about 40 silhouette cuttings and if some one  could help me to paste/ put my artwork on the card /plastic bag, my speed could up to 70 cutting per hour.

Due to the portrait silhouette is mainly emphasize on the outline of the side view or the portrait, you need not need to do any detail on the eyes, the ears, the ear ring, the eyes etc, meanwhile you should be able to produce an artwork within a 1 minutes unless the hairstyle of the guest is really complex that will be different story, but it would not required more than 5 minutes to complete the artwork.

I believe most professional silhouette cutting sure be able to complete a straight hair silhouette cutting within a minute.

I able to do 2 in 1 silhouette cutting but only limited to selective events, because such cutting required more than a minute. You really required a real skill to produce a two in one silhouette artwork, it was testing of how good of your visual skill that able to apply the right scale and ratio of both side profile in a piece of paper.

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