Saturday, February 10, 2018

How Much Time to Produce A Silhouette Cutting?

Talking about silhouette cutting, we required how much time to produce a simple hair style silhouette cutting? By us a palm size paper, my speed about 30-40 second, in a very slow cutting way, no reason to cut a silhouette more than 60 sec, unless the guest's silhouette having real complex style.

Silhouette cutting is emphasize on the feature of the side profile portrait of the guests face, it is an outline observation, the silhouette is cutting the outline to produce the artwork, within a minute is a reasonable time frame, I not talk about how many second to produce an artwork. 

In my view, in an event which having a booth and there are a queue of guests, producing 30 cuttings per hour should be reasonable speed and my speed about 45-55 cutting per hour is if such setting.

Not like caricature drawing, you need to draw the face shape, the eyes, nose, mouth, the hair style..etc. 

Unfortunately, I saw many other people who do silhouette cutting in Singapore during various event, they spent 5 minutes or more time for a cutting! This mean they either had not put effort to work hard, do not have the skill and think can just do it and most guests do not know what is going on so they can any how cheat!

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