Thursday, November 22, 2007

Just a little complaint

It was very interesting to see people from the side. I like to see the different of peoples’ features, and like to see their difference hair styles. During diner & dance, that’s lot more thing to see while the guest came with hair clips, ribbons and decoration, costume etc.

For silhouette cutting, the artwork usually not recognize by the person’s side profile that being cut, only recognize by his or her friends, because usually everyone seldom see their own side profile.

For many years experience, western guests was much more appreciated silhouette art, Singaporean who have better art knowledge was appreciated it as well, but not guest from China (except little amount of nice china people I ever met).

They always look down on non-china citizen who do this art, at least most of the time I came across such comment from China guest: “Huh? Silhouette Cutting? China have a lot what, do it for what?”

They believe they are the best in this art, or either silhouette cutting is a very low class art in China due to too many people doing, due to too many fake artists in China doing this art.

What I was thinking: If your country is really so good, why you come to Singapore? If you are educated people, then you should show some respect!

I am not the best nor the lousiest silhouette cutting artist, but I had taken few years doing practice and research on this kind of art.

I would like to say, lots China people in Singapore who doing fringe art during events was fake or low standard, they seriously spoilt the name of the real China artists. I am not like to talk bad about China people, I had met some real good and professional China artist, I just like to point out such small group of peoples had spoiling the world.

Unfortunately, most Singaporean public still believe as long as china artist, they are the best, so usually you can see, during the fringe art session in the event , china artist’s queue was longer than local artist. Maybe as a Chinese said: “The moon at oversea was nicer and rounder than our country.”

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