Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some Backstage Job

Like many event entertaining items, my silhouette cutting also need to do some ‘backstage’ jobs which need to trim the papers and the background paper and put it in to plastic bags before I do the show.

Some artists only put the background paper in the plastic bag after they did artworks during the event. There’s nothing wrong but it reducing the quantities you are going to produce within the booking hour, that could be one way to ‘kill the time’, but I think that not so professional.

Except the background paper was given by the event organizer which printed with their event logos last minutes when I reach the working place, otherwise I always prepare them by myself before I go to the events.

The paper for me to do the silhouette or side profile cutting, usually in 1/4 of A4 or roughly about our palm size, so do the background paper.Of course I also prepared some A5 size background and the cutting paper for those cutting in couples. .Some event organizers was requested did it in A5 size as well.For my silhouette cutting, whether is in palm size or the slightly bigger size like A5 size, always inclusive the cut-out piece which is the reverse side of the original artworks. I usually put is in reverse side of the plastic bag.

Not every type of cut-out of the silhouette can be use, like the couples design, due to it needed to cut through the paper, hence it will be throwing away.

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