Saturday, November 1, 2008

Profile Cutting for Singapore National Eye center’s Dinner and Dance

Did and event at Regent Hotel, great to met Ivan & Lee Lee lee in the event! First time see them doing wire craft! Wow! Luminous wire craft! This is my first time seeing such wire craft in my life! Thought it only available by Ivan and Lee lee’s wire craft!!! Don’t play play!Pebble Calligraphy.My creative guests made use this table guide board to put the side profile for ‘group photos’! Very funny and cute! Can’t deny they were really creative! Haahaa!That is what I mean ‘reverse side’ silhouette cutting, which means the guest’s posing facing the opposite side of my scissors holding hands.My 'Japanese' guests!

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LD said...

I bet that event went great. This is LD from the Philippines saying Hi!

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