Sunday, November 23, 2008

Silhouette Cutting At Zoological Singapore and Singapore Flyer

Did silhouette cutting for McConnell’s Family Day at Zoological Singapore; although there was a worm day, but I was happily to meet the friendly and nice guests. Other thatn that, met some old friends in this event as well liken popcorn provider May, airbrush tattoo and face painting Sheila and her team.Look! This is the white tiger which in the news recently!Basically, due to school holiday, many companies will pick almost the same day to do their family day, hence certain Saturday or Sunday became hot day for entertainer’s booking, and meanwhile we might be booked 2 or more shows within such hot days.

Usually, year end like November and December was peak period for lots commercial promotion activities, hence we could be having 2 or more bookings during week end. As an entertainer, you have to be compromised that your week end burned; because we belonging to the servicing group in the society as well, haahaa!

I was luckily that having 2nd booking at Singapore Flyer!

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