Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Caricature on Silhouette Cutting?

That should be fun to do Silhouette Cutting in caricature way which exaggerating the feature of the side profile.
Now the problem came:
1. to do a nice exaggerated profile, the guest must be having strong features, because in the details within a human face’s silhouette there are limited portions of the face can be play around, there are only: the neck, the jaws, the mouth, the nose, the forehead and the hair style. Not like caricature drawing, you can play around the color, the shadings and etc.

2. Not much people know their own side profile well, just a normal portrait silhouette of the guest, they usually need their friends to confirm the silhouette cutting whether looks like them or not; if you wanted to do an exaggerated silhouette, you have to ensure your guests having the artistic eyes and feels as yours.

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